The export is an important factor for stable economic development and affects the improvement of country’s international competitiveness. The Agency for Foreign Investment and Export Promotion of the Republic of North Macedonia is involved in the promotion of domestic products and services on the foreign markets and provides assistance in the process of increasing their exports.

Exports are very important to the Republic of North Macedonia economy because they offer people and companies many more markets for their goods/products and services. One of the main activities of diplomacy and foreign policy between governments is to foster economic trade and encouraging exports for the benefit and importance of all trading parties. Read More

Eksporti nga Maqedonia Veriore

Export as a business operation, taxes, permits, export procedure, finding a partner… how to access different markets. Read More

Invest North Macedonia should have its own Export promotion Strategy revisited and revised every year.

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First steps to exporting. How we can help them in preparing to export. Read More
Exports help you build global competitiveness as well as a greater reputation in the domestic market. Read More

Trade with North Macedonia

External trade by products shows that catalysts with precious metal are the most important products supported in exports. Read More

How to find a trade partner and how to use the Data base of Macedonian companies and institutions. Read More

There are many data basis which connect Business to Business (B2B). In this respect, which are organized depending on countries, regions, sectors, size of companies, etc. Read More


Invest North Macedonia supports domestic export-oriented companies in promoting products and services by participating in trade fairs. Read More

Within the plan for 2020 our export promotion activities are supporting the following initial sectors.

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In addition, with regard to cooperation with non-governmental institutions, the long-term cooperation with SIPPO (Swiss export promotion program) continues, aimed at strengthening the capacities in order to more successfully represent the industries on the markets abroad.

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Industritë dhe Tregjet

Industry has one of the most important positions in Macedonian economic growth. Industry’s rapid development is one of the most significant drivers of economic growth, the change in socio-economic relations, and population way of life, growing interest in technological advancement, etc. Read More

Market Information

Under the market information function Invest North Macedonia provide information to companies which will help in defining decisions on entering and maintaining export markets. Read More

Market reports for every key industry every year. Starting from 2019..

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Key Industries

Under the market information function Invest North Macedonia provide information to companies which will help in defining decisions on entering and maintaining export markets. Read More

ICT sector is the fastest growing sector, with growth rate 47% in the last 5 years. The ICT sector benefits from a skilled and cost effective workforce with excellent English language skills.

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The agriculture sector plays an important role in Macedonia’s economy through its contributions to GDP (agriculture accounts for 7.9% of GDP), employment, trade and the rural economy.

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The textile industry is one of the leading processing industries in the country with significant results in the formation of GDP, high absorption of labor and exports.

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With nearly 30,000 employees in numerous established companies approximately 40% to annual exports, North Macedonia has become a key manufacturing location in Eastern Europe.

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Based on the official statistical sources from the State Statistical Office, the total surface area of vineyards in the Republic of North Macedonia remains stable with slight increase in the past 7 years.

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Companies operating in Europe are increasingly interested in Macedonia as a sourcing country. The trend of rising imports costs from countries in East Asia, Central and Eastern Europe are making companies from Western Europe.

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