Investoj në Maqedoninë e Veriut

Operacionet e biznesit

One can register a company in North Macedonia by visiting one office, obtaining the information from a single place, and addressing one employee. Më tepër
The Company Law regulates business activities in North Macedonia. It defines the types of companies, procedures and regulations for their establishment and operations. Më tepër

“Visa” is a permit for entry and short-term stay or transit issued to a foreigner by a competent authority of the Republic of North Macedonia. Më tepër

Nationals of EU Member States and signatories of the Schengen Agreement DO NOT need a visa to enter the Republic of North Macedonia (and are eligible to enter the Republic of North Macedonia with a valid national identity card). Read More
Some business activities as stipulated by the Company Law must obtain additional working licenses or permits before starting their operations. Read More
The Republic of North Macedonia have one of the most attractive tax package in Europe, which simplify the tax system and stimulate successful companies to further improve operations and increase profitability. Read More

Industritë kryesore

North Macedonia is sure to be the ideal location for corporations looking to set up or relocate their business. Më tepër
The automotive sector enjoys dynamic development and growing importance for the country’s economy. Read More
The information and communication technology industry is the fastest-growing sector of the Macedonian economy, and it plays an important role in the economy as a provider of jobs and generator of exports. Read More
The agribusiness industry in North Macedonia is one of the fastest-growing industries with an over 10% increase in the last years. Read More
Macedonia’s textile industry is one of the most developed and diversified sectors of the economy in terms of industrial production, employment, and export earnings and the 2nd biggest industrial sector of the country after metallurgy. Read More
Energy market developments in North Macedonia included further construction of an internal gas distribution network, continued liberalization of the electricity market, and increased regional cooperation for electricity and gas interconnections. Read More
While the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries are both essential. Read More
Republic of North Macedonia has a complex geological structure and a large number of ore deposits. Reserves of lead, zinc, copper-gold and chromium ores are being exploited in a number of locations. Lignite, marble, and other decorative construction stones are widely available. Read More


The Aftercare Department within Invest North Macedonia is aimed to provide professional and timely care to the needs of all foreign investors in North Macedonia. Më tepër
Macedonian suppliers business portal is one of the essential tools to provide operational communications and information sharing virtually on supply and demand in all industries.. Read More

Aftercare Department within Invest North Macedonia offers guidance to foreign nationals-applicants (owners, co-owners, managers or part of the management of the domestic companies with dominant foreign capital) in the process of obtaining / issuance / extension a temporary residence and work permit after their aplication in the competent intitutions on this isue.

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By filling in the registration form provided below you enable your company to be included in the Invest North Macedonia’s database of major foreign investors and potential domestic suppliers. Read More

Ndihma financiare

With the Law on the Financial Support of Investments, the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia offers financial funding of Productive Initial Investments aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the economy and the employment. Më tepër
The application for granting Financial Support shall be submitted to the Agency as competent authority along with a business plan and financial report. Read More

The beneficiary of the Financial Support that meets the conditions in accordance with the agreement on Financial Support, no later than 15 November of the current year shall submit a request for payment of the financial support with the required documentation to the Agency.

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Success stories several success stories from previous years. Name of company, investment, financial aid and a quote from the owner. Read More

Vendet e investimit

Depending on the need of the investors and especially the timing for the investment, Invest North Macedonia can offer two varieties in terms of location for the production sites with the possibility of Greenfield locations and ready-made Brownfield location in different locations and Municipalities in the country. Më tepër


They are two options of acquiring land for the purpose of Greenfield project and possibility for leasing the land for investments in TIDZ. Read More
The land in the Free Economic Zones is available under long term lease for a period of up to 99 years for 0.10 euro /m2 per year. Read More
North Macedonia has an excellent supply of well-educated IT experts at among the lowest labor costs in the region. Read More


What are the benefits of brownfield investing? Read More

The availability of buildings that require minimal investment, lowers the investment to production time, the possibility of renting some of the buildings, suitable for smaller investment projects.

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