Information and Communication Technology


Developed ICT industry is one of the key factors for growth the country’s macroeconomic competitiveness.

According to the European Union1, information and communication technology (ICT) directly contributes 5% in European gross domestic product (GDP) annually. Same Thus, ICT as a sector contributes 20% to the growth of EU GDP with additional 30% of investments in ICT.

The ICT industry is one of the key drivers for development and growth as well an important source of innovation for economic transformation. Strategic importance the ICT is based on:

The ICT industry is an industry that is helping to grow productivity, efficiency and innovation in the public and private sectors;

The ICT industry is based on the knowledge and skills that lead to generation of income and creating jobs with higher added value, but on the other hand side is less intensive in terms of capital;

ICT is the basis for the development of other intensive industries relation of knowledge, education, educational institutions and research and development organizations, resulting in innovation and improvement products and processes;

ICT has huge export potential that can help improve it global competitiveness of the country and prevent the departure of young educated and experts;

ICT can help bridge the gap in the number of social economic challenges: youth employment, gender equality, and so on reduce the digital gap and provide access to information and

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