Tekstile dhe veshje

Leading Processing Industry

The textile industry is one of the leading processing industries in the country with significant results in the formation of GDP, high absorption of labor and exports. Unlike other economic activities, entrepreneurship entrepreneurial initiatives have become more pronounced in this area, more business relations with foreign partners have been achieved, which is the basis for further development.

This industry has a significant role about export of the Macedonian economy, with a total export value estimated €400 million in 2018, which makes fourth industry sector that has export value, after the export of various chemical products, electrical and mechanical devices, equipment and parts.

In the Republic of North Macedonia about textile industry there are 1200 registered companies, of which about 500 are active in regular production. According to the data gathered by the State Statistical Office, over 200 companies are directly active in export, which 90 % of production is for the export.

The main features of the Macedonian textile and apparel industry are: focus and orientation on the customer, availability of experiences labor, flexibility to quickly respond on the customer request, short period of time from orders to delivery, ability to produce small orders at the same prices as the large orders (greater productivity), long-time business relationships with world class partners and experience on working for the well-known international brands, marked quality for clothing production and good transport and logistics services.

The number of the employees in 2018: total number of employees is 759.054, processing industry 124.359, textile production 7.519 and for the clothing production 28.322.

The average net salary per employee in 2018: processing industry €326, textile industry €321 and clothing production €251.

Over 40% of the industry capacities are located in the eastern region. The center of the textile industry for apparel production is in the city Shtip (over 70 companies), Kochani (over 50 companies) and Delchevo (over 30 companies).

The most important export destinations for Macedonian textile products with over 65% of the total export are Germany, Netherland, Austria, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Greece, Italy and Czech Republic.

*Official data are gathered by the Textile Cluster (document called “Environmental Analysis”, Strategic Planning Project, October 2019).
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