Agribusiness and Food Processing

Domestic Production

The agriculture production and agribusiness sector are the most important economic sectors of the Republic of North Macedonia. Almost 435,500 people, out of a population of 1.8 million, make whole or part of their income from agriculture activities. The great natural preconditions and existing tradition enriched with newly developed skills create a variety of opportunities in agriculture, from high mountain pastures of over 2000m high to the rich water valleys with a Mediterranean climate.

The agribusiness industry in the Republic of North Macedonia is one of the fastest-growing industries. Adding value to the excellent quality agricultural products, as demanded by the main European markets, is one of the core businesses. Our exporters have EU safety standards.

The production of fresh vegetables is carried out in enclosed or protected areas of glass or greenhouses, with a surface area of about 4,050 ha. The area under glasshouses is around 216.3 ha, while the remaining 3.832 ha are under plastic foil.

Exports of agriculture and food products constitute around 9% of North Macedonia’s total exports. More than 50% of the total export of agriculture and food products is in the EU countries: 50.5%, that includes Greece 17.9%, Croatia 12.7%, and Germany 12.1%. The CEFTA countries take 33.98% of the total export.    

The agricultural sector in the Republic of North Macedonia is the third-largest contributor to GDP, right behind services and industry with a 12% contribution. Together with the food industry, they contribute 12% – 15% of the total GDP. Most Macedonian companies process only vegetables or combine vegetables and fruits. This takes about 85% of the total number of the companies, while only a small part is companies (about 15%) that process only fruits. In terms of the type of processing, most companies produce canned fruits and vegetables.

The main export products from North Macedonia are tobacco, lamb meat, fresh and processed vegetables and fruits, wine,  and confectionery products.

Organic production in North Macedonia is growing very fast. In the past four years, the amount of land that is certified has been approved for organic production grew. Also, there are high numbers of organic producers that are supported by the Government in our country and they are members of the Federation of the organic producers of the Republic of North Macedonia. According to the statistic, there are more than 800 registered organic agricultural producers in our country with the main focus on the production of meat (lamb, sheep, and goat dairy products), honey, cereals,  industrial oil crops, wine, fruits,  and vegetables.

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