Textile and clothing

Textile industry

The textile industry is one of the leading processing industries in the country with significant results in the formation of GDP, high absorption of labor, and exports.

The textile sector is the 2nd biggest industrial sector of the country after metallurgy. It employs 36,000 people, or around ¼ of employees in the manufacturing industry. The textile clothing industry accounts for 2.4% of GDP and 17% of industrial GDP. Eight hundred companies in the textile industry are actively involved in various level of production.

The main features of the Macedonian textile and apparel industry are: focus and orientation on the customer, availability of experienced labor, flexibility to quickly respond on the customer request, a short period of time from orders to delivery, ability to produce small orders at the same prices as the large orders (greater productivity), long-time business relationships with world-class partners and experience on working for the well-known international brands,  marked quality for clothing production and good transport and logistics services. Also, the advantages are: strong management, focus on long-term business relationships, easy communication due to good English skills, modern facilities and latest technology, reliable and fast responding, fast sampling, high quality standards and proximity to European markets-good transportation links.

Source: Textile Cluster

(Document called “Environmental Analysis”, Strategic Planning Project, 2019, October).

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TTA Front Page

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