Information and Communication Technology


The ICT sector is the fastest-growing sector, with a growth rate of 47% in the last 5 years. The ICT sector benefits from a skilled and cost-effective workforce with excellent English language skills, solid telecommunications infrastructure, low corporate tax, quality software and IT services, superior technical and business know-how at competitive prices.  ICT representatives expect the sector will continue to grow. Hardware is the largest segment (62%) of the Macedonian ICT market. ICT services are the second-largest segment (25%), and software comprises 13% of the ICT market.

According to the data gathered by ICT Chamber of Commerce (MASIT) total ICT market value (total revenue) in North Macedonia was an estimated €882M in 2019 with a yearly growth of 2%.

The number of employees in the ICT sector in 2019 is 15.257.

The export that refers to the computer and information services is estimated at €189M in 2019 with a yearly growth of 12%. The gross salary of the employees for computer programming, consulting, and related activities in October 2019 is €1502 while in April 2020 is €1548, and the net salary is October 2019 is €987, while in April 2020 is €1018.

Many large ICT companies, such as Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Dell, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Apple, and Lotus, are present in North Macedonia via branch offices, distributors, dealers, resellers, solution providers, and business partners.

*Source: MASIT

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