Агробизнис и преработка на храна

Domestic Production

The fruit and vegetable processing industry is almost entirely dependent on domestic production and the supply of agricultural products.

According to the results of the research, in 2018 the processing Industry bought a total of 55,761.41 tons of fresh vegetables and 16,598.58 tons of fresh fruit. Fresh vegetables purchased for the needs of the processing industry account for about 76% of the total amount of raw materials purchased in 2018.

Red pepper is the most important raw material for the processing industry and as such has the largest share in the purchased quantities of vegetables for processing, almost 63%.

Purchase of raw materials in 2018

Fruit 6,598.58
Vegetables 55,761.41

Some of the processing facilities, in addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, also buy tomato puree. According to the findings of the research, the industry bought a total of 1550.40 tons of tomato puree.

in 2018, which represents about 2% of the total purchased raw material.

The processing facilities in 2018 produced a total of 54,785 tons of final product. Most, ie 75.7% of the production are processed vegetables (41.4 thousand tons), while the remaining 24.3% are fruits (13.3 thousand tons). As it was noted, most of the processing is of the canned type fruits or vegetables (76%), and the share of frozen processed products is lower by 23.8%). The share of processed products (0.2%) is almost negligible.


The total export of processed products from OiZ in 2018 amounted to 47.2 thousand tons, ie 2.4 thousand tons more (or + 5.4%) compared to 2017. Valuable exports in 2018 amounted to 58.5 million Euros, which is 2.8 million Euros or + 5% compared to 2017. Vegetable processing dominates the total exports and participates with 79% in the total amount or 83% in the total value of exports in 2018 .

The main export destinations are Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Kosovo,  Montenegro, Canada, Australia and USA

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