Најдете го вашиот трговски партнер

How to Find Trade Partner

If you are considering investment in North Macedonia, here are some steps you may wish to consider as you get started:
Visit host country resources, such as:

State Office for Industrial Property

Agency for Electronic Communications, Republic of North Macedonia

Energy Regulatory Commission

The National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia

State Statistical Office

Macedonian Stock Exchange

Government of the Republic of North Macedonia

Customs administration of Republic of North Macedonia

Public Revenue Office

Food and Veterinary Agency

Trade finance and global banking have evolved to the point where buying and selling things internationally is routine, safe, and efficient. Reliable payment collection methods are numerous and include letters of credit through banks, credit cards, and online payments.

Most exporting requires minimal paperwork. Researching markets and finding buyers can in many instances be done from your computer using free or low-cost information. Third-party export facilitators, such as e-commerce platforms, can remove much of the complexity and risk, real or assumed.

Globalization has made it easier to buy and sell goods in multiple markets. Few markets remain static, and new markets are constantly opening to competition. Most businesses are involved in or affected by international business, whether they realize it or not. More small and medium-size companies need an international strategy that includes diversifying markets. It turns out that exporting is often a tremendous learning experience for those who are open to the lessons, resulting in better products and services and valuable experiences for the practitioners.

If your product or service sells well in North Macedonia, there’s a good chance an overseas market can be found for it. What’s more, help is available to test acceptance of your service or product in more than 100 countries around the globe. In some markets, you may have to make some modifications because of cultural or regulatory differences, but by learning how to sell into another market, you will become a better marketer, and your company will be more successful in all markets in which it competes.

Cultural knowledge and business etiquette are always helpful, but you can pick these things up as you go. The English language will take you a very long way, and help is readily available for situations in which interpreters and translators are necessary.


Macedonia is a country that has all the resources needed for a high quality and healthy food, an area where the people are great gourmands and we also have clean nature and a lot of sunshine. The pharmaceutical, IT, electrical and engineering, metal and textile industries, as well as the furniture industry and all other industrial branches are of the same high quality and competitiveness and we encourage you to cooperate with them. The Macedonian business community is always open to new partnerships and for cooperation with foreign companies, with the objective to increase the inattentiveness of the companies, to create new competitive products with added value and to have better placement of these products on the markets from all over the world. The Macedonian businessmen are welcoming and friendly and the cooperation with the exporters of Macedonia will be a real pleasure.

The activities of the Exporters’ Club include establishing contacts, developing and promotion of the cooperation with the authorities both within the country and beyond, deepening the international activities via the promotion of the export-oriented companies of Macedonia, as well as organizing educational events via which knowledge and experiences are shared between domestic and foreign experts in the direction of increasing the competitiveness of the Macedonian companies on the foreign markets.

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