FAQ Export

Frequently Asked Questions about Export from North Macedonia

  1. 1
    Does Invest North Macedonia participate on international fairs?

    Yes. Invest North Macedonia is organizing participation on international fairs and other trade and business events.

  2. 2
    Does Invest North Macedonia collaborate with other business association, clusters and chambers during their preparation for participation on business events and fairs?

    For a successful realization of the export promotional activities, Invest North Macedonia is collaborating with the business community (chambers, associations, clusters and companies and SIPPO – Swiss Export Support Agency) .

  3. 3
    What are the main export promotion activities that Invest North Macedonia is providing?
    • Organizing participation at international fairs and other business events,
    • Organizing meetings and trainings for companies,
    • Preparing market reports,
    • Providing data on the industries that are important for the economy of the Republic of North Macedonia
  4. 4
    Which target sectors does Invest North Macedonia support?

    Invest North Macedonia is focused on the four target sectors that contribute most to increasing country export:

    • Textile industry,
    • Metal industry, precision mechanics and automotive parts,
    • Agribusiness and food processing industry
  5. 5
    Legal regulations and strategies:
    • Law on Establishment of the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion of the Republic of Macedonia ("Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia" No. 57/10, 36/11, 41/14 and 64/18),
    • Industrial Strategy of the Republic of North Macedonia 2018-2027,
    • Export Strategy (under construction).
  6. 6
    Does Invest North Macedonia organize trainings for the companies that are exhibiting on a National stand?

    Invest North Macedonia is organizing trainings with specific industry experts. We also organize visits to the production facilities of the companies.

  7. 7
    Which model of fair presentation does Invest North Macedonia is applying?

    Invest North Macedonia supports the model of joint performance at international fairs through the concept of a national stand. The exhibitors perform under the brand Invest North Macedonia.

  8. 8
    First steps for exporting

    In order for small and medium-sized enterprises to learn about the European and World markets, they need to focus on the general principles of export that companies need to use and of course to develop their own export strategy tailored to small and medium-sized enterprises.

  9. 9
    Does export brings benefits for domestic companies?

    Export brings many advantages. The most important of these are:

    • increased sales,
    • competitiveness in multiple markets,
    • higher profits and
    • reduced risk of being present in only one market.

    Exports help you build global competitiveness as well as a greater reputation in the domestic market.

  10. 10
    How can a company apply for a fair?
    • Invest North Macedonia publishes a public call. The company who is interested to become a co-exhibitor at a specific fair should fill out an application form which is a part of the public call, and to meet the required selection criteria in the call.