Invest North Macedonia activities

Invest North Macedonia’s agenda for 2021 is dedicated on attracting foreign direct investments and export promotion of the Macedonian products and services. All planned activities for this year are projected in a manner to help achieve the set goal of increased FDI inflow and export projects.

The planned promotional activities include presence on international target markets by exhibiting at international trade fairs and organizing business events. Other promotional activities include: promotion of a web site, Brownfield portal, Macedonian Suppliers Business portal, Export portal, Production of several promotional materials and local and international PR activities. Invest North Macedonia is launching a new social media campaign in 2021.

The Export promotion efforts will be dedicated on matchmaking the potential international clients with the local exporters and business partners through promotion of Matchmaking database of Macedonian export companies. This year we will continue to accompany the local companies by organizing shared national exhibition booth on selected international trade fairs and exhibitions.

Our Investor servicing team will put emphasis on building new connections and deepening its industry expertise in order to be of a full service to the incoming and existing foreign investors. The Aftercare segment will continue to provide facilitation services to support the existing investors in practicing their excellence. More efforts will be put on promoting the possibility to establish and enhance business cooperation with local suppliers through the Macedonian Business Suppliers Portal.

We remain dedicated to work closely with the local and international companies in promoting the conditions and procedure for granting financial support to investments of business entities that will invest in our count