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Frequently Asked Questions about Investing in North Macedonia

  1. 1
    How do I register a company?

    You can register a company in North Macedonia by visiting a single counter and addressing a single employee. Company registration is done electronically through specialized Agents, Accountants located throughout the country.

  2. 2
    How long does it take to register a business?

    Registering a business takes only 2 hours. For additional documents, forms and templates visit  www.crm.com.mk

  3. 3
    How much does it cost to register a company?

    Registration of a limited liability company through specialized agent is completely free. You can expect minimal additional expenses for court translations and notary certifications of the required documents (around €3-€5 per page).

  4. 4
    What are the most common types of companies that are registered by foreigners in North Macedonia?
    • Limited liability companies,
    • Joint stock companies,
    • Representative offices
  5. 5
    What is the minimum capital requirement for registering a company in North Macedonia?

    The minimum €5,000 for a limited liability company registered as a foreign direct investment. Minimum capital for limited liability Company worth €5,000 may be expressed in money or equipment.

  6. 6
    How do I open a bank account in North Macedonia?

    To open a bank account in a commercial bank in North Macedonia you need the following documents:

    • Request for opening the account,
    • Certificate from the company register,
    • Evidence of assigned tax number and
    • Notarized signature of the company manager.
  7. 7
    In which cases do I need additional approvals for operating out of North Macedonia?

    To operate in certain fields, such as pharmaceuticals, banking, insurance, and educational activities, and the company registration process is followed by a licensing process with the relevant authorities.

  8. 8
    What is the government policy regarding overseas companies doing business in North Macedonia?

    The Constitution and the Law on Trade Companies guarantees equal treatment for domestic and foreign entities.

  9. 9
    Which law regulates company registration?

    The Law on Trade Companies fully harmonized with EU directives, governs the establishment and organization of a company.

  10. 10
    How can you help us with your services in our expansion, reinvestment and development of our facilities?

    Register you company in the Database of foreign investors in the Republic of North Macedonia.

    For the specific question related exclusively to your company, contact the Aftercare department via email and within 24 hours the team is obliged to respond back.


  11. 11
    How can you help us in the negotiations with local authorities, state administration bodies and public institutions?

    Aftercare department has established quality and timely communication with all relevant state institutions that are a topic of your interest. Contact us directly or via email.


  12. 12
    How can you support us in the area of human recourses?

    Aftercare department has established quality communication with the Employment agency of the Republic of North Macedonia and we can provide useful contacts upon request.

  13. 13
    How can you help us promoting cooperation between investors and secondary schools, vocational colleges and universities?

    We assist in the process of organizing a meeting with top officials of the relevant institutions, and we organize social events for B2B meetings/round tables and specialized workshops with intrested parties.

  14. 14
    How can you help us in the process of obtaining/extending a residence and work permit?

    Once your application has been completed in accordance with the legal procedures in the relevant institutions, by forwarding the application number we start the assistance in the process of obtaining a visa or work permit through timely and daily monitoring of the procedure.

  15. 15
    How can you help us find a good location?

    We provide you with access to the informations that are at the disposal of Invest North Macedonia  and at the same time we assist in your search on Brownfield portal.

  16. 16
    Can you help us with any kind of financial support?

    Any company registered in the Central Register of the Republic of North Macedonia that meets the requirements and criteria of the Law on Financial Support, can be beneficiaries of financial support. All the necessary information you can find at Financial Support to Investments on Invest North Macedonia portal.

  17. 17
    How can you help us find local supplier?

    By registering on our web portal Macedonian Suppliers Business Portal, you currently get access to domestic suppliers contact info, their current offers and services. At the same time you can post your current requests and needs.