Key Industries

Automotive components

The automotive sector enjoys dynamic development and growing importance for the country’s economy.


The information and communication technology industry is the fastest-growing sector of the Macedonian economy and it plays an important role in the economy as a provider of jobs and generator of exports.

Agribusiness and Food Processing

The agribusiness industry in North Macedonia is one of the fastest-growing industries with an over 10% increase in the last years.

Textile and clothing

Macedonian textile industry is one of the most developed and diversified sectors of the economy in terms of industrial production, employment, and export earnings and is the 2nd biggest industrial sector of the country after metallurgy.


Energy market developments in North Macedonia included further construction of an internal gas distribution network, continued liberalization of the electricity market, and increased regional cooperation for electricity and gas interconnections.

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

While the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries are both essential

Wine Industry

The agribusiness and food processing sector is traditionally one of the strongest sectors of the Macedonian economy


Republic of North Macedonia has a complex geological structure and a large number of ore deposits. Reserves of lead, zinc, copper-gold and chromium ores are being exploited in a number of locations. Lignite, marble and other decorative construction stones are widely available.

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