Financial Aid

General Key points

Financial Aid General Key points from the Law on Financial aid

With the Law on the Financial Support of Investments, the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia offers financial funding for Productive Initial Investments aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the economy and employment. Many Macedonian companies received financial support and thus contributed to increasing the economic capacity and attractiveness of the country.

The criteria for granting financial support:

  • Initial Productive Investment
  • Generated growth of total revenues from the operation
  • The average number of employees has not decreased by more than 5%

Financial Aid can be granted for:

  • New employments
  • Cooperation with local suppliers
  • R & D Centers and Activities
  • Investments in projects of enormous economic interest
  • Capital Investments
  • Support for the acquisition of companies that are facing difficulties
  • Growth of the competitiveness of companies


For Productive Initial Investments of business entities founded by Macedonian with residence or temporary stay out of the Republic of North Macedonia, the amount of the financial support shall be increased by 15% of the justified investment costs, up to 1.000.000 euros annually.

For the purpose of contributing to balanced regional development, the beneficiaries of financial support shall be granted additional financial support depending on the planning region where the production initial investment is implemented.

Law on the financial support of Investments 2021 (consolidated text)

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