Sector Overview

This is one of the best prospect industry sectors for the Macedonian economy. Energy market developments in the country included further construction of an internal gas distribution network, continued liberalization of the electricity market, and increased regional cooperation for electricity and gas interconnections. Our country adopted a new Energy Law in June 2018, harmonizing its energy legislation with the EU Energy Community’s Third Energy Package.

North Macedonia is a full member of the Union for the Coordination of Production and Transmission of Electricity European Interconnection (UCPTE), which ensures interconnection compatibility with European electric power systems.

Macedonian state-owned power company was unbundled and partially privatized in the 2000s. Austrian utility company EVN has been responsible for electricity distribution since entering the market in 2006. State-owned MEPSO is the country’s electricity transmission system operator.

ESM – Power generation Plants is a Macedonian state-owned electricity producer.

North Macedonia - a leader in the region

According to the Energy Community Sustainable Development Report 2020, the country has the highest scores on the list of the six Western Balkan countries: Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro in terms of progress in implementing energy reforms, energy efficiency, renewable energy, environmental protection, investment conditions and transparency in this area.

With the government’s strategic framework “Action 21”, energy investments continue, thus the country remains a leader in the region.

Realization of the following projects in 2021:

  • TPP Oslomej will be replaced with a photovoltaic power plant.
  • Capacities of 10 MW are being built for the mine in REK Oslomej, and the construction of two photovoltaic power plants of 50 MW is planned. The estimated investment value is around €60M.
  • JSC TPP Negotivo announced a call for the preparation of a Feasibility Study.
  • Preparation of feasibility studies for three new photovoltaic power plants with a total capacity of 160 MW in REK Bitola.
  • The construction of the second phase of the wind park Bogdanci 2, will increase the installed capacity of the existing wind park. The estimated investment value is €21M.

The realization of new wind parks in Sv.Nikole, Demir Kapija, and in Debarca. The next phase of the project worth between €600M and €800M continues and that in itself shows the serious intention for success.

Gasification of the country, 2021

  • The construction of a gas pipeline between North Macedonia and Greece has started and it will provide additional quantities of natural gas. The investment for the interconnector with Greece is estimated at €50M, of which €10M is a grant from the Investment Framework for the Western Balkans.
  • A gas pipeline connection with Kosovo is in the design phase and with these two projects, North Macedonia will be a transit country with natural gas. The construction of the main gas pipelines throughout the country continues.
  • Construction of the secondary gas pipeline network in 10 cities and connection to households.
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