Wine Industry

Sector Overview

Based on the official statistical sources from the State Statistical Office, the total surface area of vineyards in the Republic of North Macedonia remains stable with slight increase in the past 7 years, whereby the total area under vineyards in 2017 are increased by 10% compared to 2011.

Currently, there are 76 registered wineries located in the main grape producing areas in the Republic of North Macedonia. Due to the introduction of more stringent conditions in terms of production facilities and equipment of the wineries, as well as the fulfillment of their contractual obligationstowards the grape producers, the number of wineries in 2017 dropped from 86 as were registered in 2010, to 76 wineries that are currently registered in the Ministry’s Registry of wine producers. This number is still quite high in comparison with only 28 registered wineries back in 2003. Total processing capacity is almost twice the annual wine production.

The average annual wine production fluctuates between 110 and 120 million liters. The trend in wine production, however, points to a certain decrease in quantity terms, due to the fact that most of the smaller entities are focused towards production of quality bottled wine.

The Vineyard Register, as part of the permanent crop registers (vineyard registry, orchard, nut and olive registry) is integrated within the LPIS, including specific detailed information related to area, varieties, year of planting, distances between and in the rows, planting system, irrigation system and rootstock.

Based on the digitized data within the LPIS and the analysis of the area under vineyards in the Republic of North Macedonia, there are a total of 29.095 ha of vineyards, as well as further 804 ha that are predominantly vineyards. In addition, there are further 7.049 ha agricultural land, which are recorded as permanent crops (orchards and vineyards) and for which the photo interpretation did not determined with certainty whether they are orchards or vineyards. If we consider that at least 50% of these additional undefined permanent crops area, will fall into vineyards (approximately 3.500 ha), total area under vineyards would account to 33.400 ha. Bearing in mind that of the total vineyards 30% are accounted as table grapes, the total area under vineyards with grapes for wine production in the Republic of North Macedonia is about 23.500 ha.

Republic of North Macedonia is net exporter of wine as a strategic export product for the country. In terms of theoverall export value of agricultural products, wine export holds the second position right after tobacco. Total export of wine in 2017 reached 749.853 hl with a value of 46,0 million Euros, with drop of -3% by volume and -3,6% in value compared to 2016.

In 2018 total wine export reached 755.384 hl with a value of 50,8 million Euros, with an increase in terms of both, volume and value, compared to 2017. This is due to the increase in the prices of the exported wine per unit of product, with a significant increase in the wine price in all three sales segments, in a bottle of +11%, in “BaginBox” of +8% and as bulk wine +5%.\

In 2018, there was insignificant decrease in the export of wine (bottle) in the EU member states by quantity (-2%), but the realized value increased by +7%, given that the price of the exported wine, in all three segments is growing (+9% for bottled wine, +8% for “BaginBox” and +2% for bulk wine).

Therefore, in 2018 the total export of wine from the Republic of North Macedonia increased in quantity and the realized value (+1% quantity and +10% of the value compared with 2017, while the realized total average price increased by +10%.

Exports and Imports of wine in bulk (quantity and value for years 2007 – 2018)

*Official data are gathered by the Ministry of Agriculture, forestry and water economy (document called “EUROPEAN UNION – THE REPUBLIC OF NORTH MACEDONIA Subcommittee on Agriculture and Fisheries” 15th MeetingBrussels, May 2019).

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