How to apply

Application procedure

How to apply?

The application form for granting Financial Support for investment outside technological industrial development zones and industrial zones shall be submitted to Invest North Macedonia as a competent authority no later than May 31st of May of the current year.

In addition to the application, financial statements from the previous four years or for a shorter period depending on the date of establishment of the business entity are submitted.

Application Form

Rulebook on the request for Financial Support and required documentation

The rulebook for amending the Rulebook  of the fort and content of the application for granting financial support and the necessary documentation

Rulebook for amending the Rulebook on the form and content of the request for granting financial support and the necessary documentation

In addition, the business entity shall submit all the other documents which confirm the data and the facts listed in the application for financial support in accordance with the bylaw prescribed by the Ministry of economy, such as:  

  • Certificate of current status from the Central Registry
  • Confirmation of bankruptcy proceedings
  • Confirmation of liquidation procedure
  • Certificate of paid taxes from the Customs Administration
  • Certificate of paid taxes from the Public Revenue Office
  • Notarized statement of reliability of data
  • Excerpt from the central securities depository when the applicant is a Joint Stock Company
  • Copy of shareholder book and Certificate from a competent authority of a foreign state for registered residence or temporary residence for Initial Investments of business entities founded by citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia with residence or temporary stay out of the Republic of North Macedonia

*All documents should not be older than 60 days until the day of submitting the Request.

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