Protection of industrial property rights for greater competitiveness in export markets


The Director of Invest North Macedonia, Dejan Pavleski had a meeting with the Director of the State Office of Industrial Property, Goran Gerasimovski.
They discussed about protection of industrial property rights, one of the most important factors for companies that take into account if they want to invest in a foreign country.
Guided by this, international companies analyze in detail the regulations and conditions for investing in a country. In that direction, in their export strategy, the companies should include industrial property, which increases the competitiveness in the export markets. This is extremely important for domestic companies with export potential because the protection of industrial property is one of the most important elements for the successful functioning of the single European market.
The protection of industrial property, trademark or industrial design enables a favorable market position and loyal customers for their own products and services in foreign markets.

Statistically, countries with strong systems for the protection of industrial property rights attract more foreign investment compared to countries without existing protection regulations. Our country in this area is harmonized with international standards for protection of industrial property rights, providing effective legal protection to companies operating in the country.

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