Macedonian textile companies are conquering the European market – they have returned from a fair in Germany with new deals


What is the role of Invest North Macedonia in supporting the Macedonian textile companies?

Six domestic from textile industry Zlatex, Eurosolid, Eurojeans, Lars, Albatros, and Textile Solutions for the first time with InvestNorthMacedonia support participated in the A+A – International Trade Fair and Congress fair for security, protection and Health in Dusseldorf, Germany. Participation at the fair was also supported by the Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO) and the Textile Cluster.

“About 60 textile companies use the benefits of the Law on Financial Support of Investments for new capital investments, construction of new halls and facilities. Starting from this year, we have enabled the installation of photovoltaics in order to produce electricity from our own sources. So, the benefits are here and the companies recognize them”, stated director Dejan Pavleski.
“Our goal is to create a national brand that will be able to perform with greater capacity with its own, branded clothing, not only in our country, because our market is small, but to try to perform in one of the larger, above all European markets.” Using opportunities for online sales especially in the textile sector is our second goal” said Pavleski.

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