Macedonian Suppliers Business Portal

MSB Portal

Macedonian suppliers business portal is one of the essential tools to provide operational communications and information sharing virtually on supply and demand in all industries, and more effective export promotion of Macedonian products, intermediate products, services.

The functionality of this portal is based on the philosophy to enable domestic companies to post their offers of their products and services and in the same time foreign companies to post their request and needs from different fields such us Macedonian products, services and human resources.

With this tool we can help you reduce the time, risk and cost involved in doing business in North Macedonia by identifying and contact Macedonian suppliers and also FDI’s requirements.

 The portal provide the following options:

  • Free registration for domestic and foreign entities
  • Upon registration a foreign entity is allowed to search for potential suppliers from North Macedonia
  • Macedonian companies have free access to publication of their offers of goods, services, or to present other forms of cooperation with foreign entities
  • The user has the option to obtain more information on the activities of Aftercare Department.

We believe that by working together and building a long-term relation with the present investors and domestic companies we can ensure success of their business operations in the country.

Invest North Macedonia is a professional and proactive government institution oriented towards meeting the requirements of the business community and promoting the country as a favorable business destination for starting and running a business.

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