Government policies focusing on energy, infrastructure and supporting high quality investments crucial for economic growth

Zaev 2

Within the Vienna Economic Forum, the Prime Minister, Zoran Zaev adressed that the crucial projects for economic growth are energy, infrastructure, and gasification which are part of the single list of projects adopted by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, as priority for the use of the funds provided by the Economic and Investment Plan for the Western Balkans. There are a total of seven applications, two for technical assistance and five for investment grants.

The two technical assistance projects are the gas connection between the Republic of North Macedonia and the Republic of Serbia as well as the implementation of energy efficiency of public institutions. The other five projects have been submitted to use the grants as the priorities of the Economic and Investment Plan for the Western Balkans.

One of the investments is design and construction of wastewater treatment plant in the city of Skopje, worth  71.3 million euros. Furthermore, the construction of part of the railway corridor 8, Kriva Palanka – Deve Bair, the construction of 23.4 km from the third section from Kriva Palanka to the border with Bulgaria and for electrification for the first and second section.

Next is the establishment of an integrated and financially self-sustainable regional waste system for the Polog region, in order to meet the prescribed standards and EU regulations for landfills. The fourth project is for solar photovoltaic Bitola 1 of 20MW, including procurement and installation of additional 10MW intended for Oslomej 2, and the fifth is for procurement and installation of 10MW photovoltaic for Oslomej 1 as a continuation of the efforts for transition of our energy sector to renewable sources of energy “, said Zaev.

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