The Ambassador of Thailand, Apirat Sugondhabirom visiting Invest North Macedonia

A meeting took place today between Mr. Gazmend Abdija, the CEO of Invest North Macedonia, and His Excellency Apirat Sugondhabhirom, the Ambassador of Thailand for North Macedonia, along with his First Secretary, Anissa Naksewee. Joining them was Mr. Ismail Rahman from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of North Macedonia.
The primary focus of this meeting was to foster collaboration and build stronger economic ties between North Macedonia and Thailand. The esteemed guests from Thailand expressed their keen interest in understanding the business climate in North Macedonia. With the aim of aiding businesses from Thailand, the meeting emphasized the importance of facilitating a deeper understanding of investment opportunities and promoting exports.
Both parties exchanged valuable insights and explored potential avenues for cooperation.
Invest North Macedonia, under the able guidance of Mr. Gazmend Abdija, shared valuable information about the favorable investment climate and the untapped potential in various sectors of the Macedonian economy.
Mr. Abdija also highlighted the Government’s commitment to providing a supportive environment for foreign investors, showcasing the numerous benefits and incentives available. The meeting emphasized the significance of creating a platform for Thai businessmen to connect with potential Macedonian partners and explore avenues for collaboration.
His Excellency expressed their appreciation for the warm welcome extended by North Macedonia. They conveyed their eagerness to strengthen economic ties between the two countries by fostering bilateral trade and investment.

Investment opportunities in North Macedonia presented to the company “CFO Pharma” in Tirana

The director of Invest North Macedonia Gazmend Abdija stayed in Tirana last week, where he presented the possibilities for investments in the country to the pharmaceutical company “CFO Pharma” in Tirana.
CFO Pharma” has a modern and advanced infrastructure for the distribution of pharmaceutical products, in addition, they have qualified staff with experience in the industry and follow high quality and safety standards.
We remain committed to promoting the country and the opportunities North Macedonia offers to foreign investors.

Investment opportunities of North Macedonia presented in Abu Dhabi, OAE

The director of Invest North Macedonia Gazmend Abdija during his stay in Abu Dhabi used the opportunity to present the potential of investments in our country to the giant ‘Magna Investment’ from the United Arab Emirates.
‘Magna Investment’ is an investment company that works at the international level and is specialized in the field of foreign investments and the development of large projects. The company has a successful track record of investing in multiple sectors.
The director, Mr. Abdija shared with great pleasure the news that “Magna Investment” showed great interest in investing in our country. They discussed the possibilities for the development of the agricultural sector and also for the creation of new opportunities for economic development in our country.
In such manner, it has been agreed that representatives of ‘Magna Investment’ will visit our country in the near future, in order to do more research and identify specific investment projects. This is an extraordinary opportunity to promote economic development and the creation of new jobs in the agricultural and other sectors.
We work with great commitment to create a favorable investment environment that attracts foreign investors and encourages the development of the agricultural and other sectors. Foreign investments are an important driving force for the growth and modernization of our economy.

The Director Gazmend Abdija participated in the Annual Investment Meeting in Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Director of Invest North Macedonia, Gazmend Abdia participated in the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) in Abu Dhabi, where he was accompanied by Bekri Ajdini, the economic counselor of North Macedonia in Abu Dhabi. This meeting was a valuable opportunity to present the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion and to present the investment potential of our country on an international level.

          AIM is a great platform to share perspectives, make new contacts, and explore foreign investment opportunities.

The Invest North Macedonia team had the opportunity to meet and talk with industry leaders, finance experts, and successful investors from around the world. The exchange of ideas and information has been a blessing, offering us a tremendous chance to expand our business horizons.


During the meetings and panel discussions, the challenges and opportunities of investing in a rapidly changing world were revealed.

We discussed innovation, technology, other innovative sectors, and the potential for investment growth in our country. We have been assured that the Agency for Foreign Investment and Export Promotion in North Macedonia is ready to support foreign investors interested in exploring and investing in our exceptional market.

During the event, Invest North Macedonia held a constructive meeting with representatives from the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce. This meeting was an important opportunity to share ideas and discuss potential cooperation between the business community of our country and business in Abu Dhabi.

Our participation in AIM will help foster new relationships with foreign companies and increase the level of investment in our country.

The Annual Investment Meeting or AIM is a leading investment conference that brings together all types of investors, entrepreneurs and government sectors from all over the globe. Annually held in the United Arab Emirates which serves as a platform for all sectors to have an open discussion of the latest investment trends and opportunities, have an opportunity to exchange ideas and explore potential partnerships. Focusing on emerging markets and growing technologies, Annual Investment Meeting aims to drive innovation and economic growth globally. Part of the key features on this event are keynote speeches, panel discussions and much more sessions as well as opportunity to build valuable network. The Annual Investment Meeting aims to provide attendees insights to wide range of topics including fintech, blockchain, sustainable investing and much more. The Annual Investment Meeting is the avenue for anyone looking to gain competitive edge in today’s rapidly changing investment landscape.

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The Director of Invest North Macedonia, Gazmend Abdija met Zef Dedaj, General Director of KIESA

The Director of the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion in the Republic of North Macedonia, Mr. Gazmend Abdija, met with the General Director of the Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency (KIESA), Mr. Zef Dedaj.
The meeting was very constructive and they discussed the activities of both agencies, as well as the possibilities for future cooperation.
The director, Abdija, stated that he believes that this is just the beginning of a successful cooperation between the two countries and our two agencies.
During the conversation, the importance of building strong ties between our two countries in the business sphere, especially in food production, was emphasized. In this regard, it has been agreed to organize B2B meetings between our companies and those of Kosovo to help develop business and increase investments.
In addition, the meeting discussed the possibility of signing a Memorandum for cooperation in the near future, with the aim of intensifying the cooperation between two institutions and promoting investments and open business.

Financial support measures for investments and competitiveness

Application for granting financial support for investments for investment projects outside technological-industrial development zones and industrial zones managed by the Directorate for Technological Industrial Development Zones is submitted to the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion.
Beneficiaries of financial support for investments can be business entities that:
  • Have a productive initial investment
  • Achieved an increase in total income from operations in the last year compared to the average of the previous 3 years or for a shorter period if the business entity was registered and started operating in a period shorter than 4 years and
  • The average number of employees in the last year compared to the average of the previous three years was not reduced by more than 5% or for a shorter period if the business entity was registered and started its activity in a period shorter than 4 years.
Application deadline: May 31, 2023
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