South Korea’s new investment in the country creates over 70 new jobs with a salary of up to 2,000 euros

An investment of €30M, with a salary up to €2,000 and 70 new jobs creation is the project of the South Korean company Almak and the US company Dura Automotive Systems, today marked the beginning of the joint investment in the Technological Industraial Development Zone Skopje 2.

It is about the construction of a modern facility with an area of 80,000 square meters in which light profiles for the automotive industry will be produced. The start of production was announced for next year. They expect the opening of over 70 jobs, and announced that for the highly qualified staff they will set aside a gross salary up to 2000 euros.

“This is another confirmation of the good economic policies we are creating. We create a predictable business environment for investments, exports, well-paid jobs, and thus economic growth. Our efforts as a Government are to help and create a well-paid jobs and in that direction from this investment we expect the average gross salary to reach up to 2000 euros”, stated Prime Minister, Zoran Zaev.

According to the Prime Minister Zaev, the average gross salary for the least skilled workers will be 889 euros or an average net salary of 580 euros.

“We decided to build the first capacity in Skopje, after the research we did in many countries. Construction will be completed in 12 months with a modern design of 80,000 square meters”, said Junpayo Park, president and CEO of the new joint venture company.
The South Korean company, according to its founder and director Soyun Park, uses green electricity in the production process and 100 % recycles waste in the production process.

This new partnership symbolizes not only business, but a fusion of two cultures, learning from each other and the opportunity to create a better world. “We will work on building a success story that we will all be proud of,” said Park.

Starting from the beginning of 2021, the total volume of investments that are starting or are in the final stage of preparation is more than €120M, which are expected to create more than 2,000 jobs and generate additional exports of over of €2bn.

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South Korea’s first investment in the country, total worth of 30 million euros

A new investment project worth 30 million euros for the construction of a modern facility for advanced production and assembly of technological components for the automotive industry.
The investment project was presented to the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev by the management of the globally renowned companies “Dura Automotive Systems” and “Almak”before tomorrow’s official start of the investment activities in the TIDZ – Skopje 2.
The meeting was attended by the director of Invest North Macedonia Dejan Pavleski, as well as the director of TIDZ Jovan Despotovski.

Prime Minister Zaev stressed the efforts to attract foreign investment in the country, which means the implementation of advanced technology and new well-paid employment, which will affect the overall economic growth.The start of production is planned for the next year.

The South Korean company “Almak” with 70% will have the majority share in the joint investment project. The main reason for their decision to invest in North Macedonia, as pointed out by the management of the meeting, was the positive experience of their business partner “Dura Automotive Systems”, who confirmed the excellent business climate in the country and the possibility of long-term planning and development of the joint project.



Director Pavleski visits companies in Istanbul, huge potential investment opportunities

Director Dejan Pavleski is on a two-day visit to Istanbul, Turkey where he will have working meetings with several Turkish companies that have already shown interest in investing part of their capital in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Today and tomorrow the director Pavleski will have a business meeting with representatives of companies from the automotive, medical and HVAC industry and will present to the management teams the conditions and opportunities for doing business in the country, the advantages and legislation related to the work of foreign investors. The conditions and benefits that the Government offers to foreign investors, making North Macedonia competitive with the neighboring countries, will be presented.


“Open Balkans” – the European future of the region

The Director Dejan Pavleski, at the invitation of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister, attended the Economic Forum for Regional Cooperation, organized in coordination with the Cabinets of the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania, Edi Rama in cooperation with the Chambers of commerce of the region.

The aim of the initiative is “zero minutes waiting” and no custom duties on the borders between Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania.

Today, at the Regional Economic Forum in Skopje, the Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama signed: Memorandum of Understanding and cooperation to facilitate the import, export and movement of goods in the Western Balkans; Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation on Free Access to the Labor Market of the Western Balkans and Agreement on Cooperation for Disaster Protection and Rescue in the Western Balkans in order to facilitate trade, citizen movement and economic development.

“Our goal is an economy without borders – 100 % free trade, zero tariffs, no movement barriers, zero barriers to goods  and services for our countries to have European freedom in our region,” the leaders said they added that issues are much easier to resolve when economies and business communities are united.

At the meeting of the leaders Zaev, Vucic и and Rama, the new name and logo of the Regional Cooperation Initiative – Mini Schengen, which includes Serbia, North Macedonia and Albania – was presented under new official name as “Open Balkan”, in order to remove the borders between the three countries, ‘zero minutes’ waiting at the borders for citizens and the transport of goods by year of 2023.

The Economic Forum for Regional Cooperation is organized by the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, in coordination with the Cabinets of the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania, Edi Rama, in cooperation with chambers from the region. Most of the 400 companies participating in the Forum are from the agricultural and construction sectors, food, textile  and automotive industries, tourism, telecommunications, IT sector, transport and logistics.


Interview with Dejan Pavleski:Investment negotiations with 10 foreign companies

“In 2018, 2019, 2020 the total worth of FDi is US$1.35 bn and more than US$ 5M compared to 2013 to 2017”, this is a crucial indicator of the attractiveness that our country offers to foreign investors.It also shows the stability, security and certainty for doing business in the country, stated Pavleski – an interview with Локално.мк

“Last year, despite of the global Covid crisis and recession, the level of FDI reach $233M is better than 2017 by 17%. In conditions of global reduction of FDI, we had an increase in the past years, and also in time of Covid pandemic crisis, we achieved a smaller decrease than the world average rate” pointed out Pavleski.

“There is a great potential for cooperation between local companies and foreign investors.In addition to growing the economy, it also leads to development in the application of new technologies, knowledge and standards, and it also stimulates entrepreneurship by opening opportunities for new products and services”, stated Dejan Pavleski.

Out of 40 companies – potential investors we are talking to, ten are the most interested for investing in the country. These are companies from UK, Belgium, Netherlands, USA and other countries mostly from the automotive industry and IT sector.

In the next period, I expect realization of several investments with the total worth of more than €100M and create several thousand new jobs, stated Pavleski.

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Dejan Pavleski, Director of Invest North Macedonia – official judge on Go Global Awards 2021

For the first time, Macedonian companies have the opportunity to complete among 176 countries in the world with their business achievements for an award that will provide them with a ticket to direct entry into world business opportunities. The Go Global Awards have been organized by the International Trade Council since 1956.

Invest North Macedonia is part of awarding of companies at the international level, and the Director Dejan Pavleski is one of the 14 judges who will select the registered world companies.

Invest North Macedonia invites domestic companies to participate in this prestigious selection of the best businesses in the world. The application is until August 3, 2021, and for all interested the Invest North Macedonia offers advisory support. The selected companies will be announced on September 14, 2021, and the official selection which due to the pandemic will be held virtually is on October 5, 2021, said the Director Dejan Pavleski.

The Go Global Awards provide global recognition for the success of companies. The program aims to build a community of senior executives from around the world to support each other, share ideas, build partnerships and complement their existing knowledge and connections. The winners gain access to unique international platforms through an extensive network of International Trade Council members in 176 countries.

Applying for the Go Global Awards is free and provide the opportunity for Macedonian companies to expand their resource network, learn more about innovations and market opportunities, and personally compare themselves to their competitors.

Applications will be reviewed by 14 judges who will award 8 categories of Leadership Awards.

“2020 was a year like no other, yet businesses of all sizes, from all industries, defined the limitations of our new world and kept on. These organizations have displayed their resilience, innovated, embraced rapid technological changes, and supported their employees and communities in a way never seen before.Enterpreneurship cannot be stopped. Collaboration will always prevail. New opportunities can sometimes be found in the darknest of places,”said the International Trade Council Chairperson for South East Asia, Ranjani Rangan.

The Awards bring together hundreds of senior executives from some of the world’s most innovative manufacturers, exporters, technology firms, international service providers, venture capital firms and financial institutions.This year’s awards categories include: Accounting Services, Advanced Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, BioTech, Business Process Outsourcing , CleanTech, Construction,eCommerce, edTech, Electronics, Energy, Export Promotion, Fashion, Finance,Information Technology, HealthTech, Hospitality, Legal Services, Logistics,Manufacturing, Marketing, Market Research, MedTech, Mining, Packaging, Pharma, Professional Services, PropertyTech, Retail, Robotics,Shipping, Supply Chain Management, Tourism, Trade Finance, Mining & Wholesale.

In 2019, 3952 companies from 161 countries applied for the Go Global Awards, 91 companies from 18 countries received awards.

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