A Swiss Pharmaceutical Company Interested in Investing in North Macedonia

The director of the Agency, Zulfi Adili, had a working meeting with Silvia Huber, the executive director and owner of DOMACO DNH NATURAL HIGHTECH company from Switzerland. The meeting was attended by Vanessa Peterhans-Huber, Head of Project Management; Mark Huber, Head of Business Development; and Dr. Lumni Ademi, Head of Quality Control. DOMACO DNH NATURAL HIGHTECH is a pharmaceutical company with over 103 years of experience in the industry and a presence in several countries worldwide.
The representatives of the company expressed interest in the conditions offered by North Macedonia to foreign investors and their readiness to cooperate with the Agency. During the meeting, Director Adili expressed the Agency’s readiness and commitment to support foreign investments in the country.
For more information visit: https://domaco.com/
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