Cooperation between Invest North Macedonia and the Ministry of Social Policy, Demography, and Youth to Strengthen the Investment Climate and Youth Employment

Slika direktor

The director of Invest North Macedonia, Refik Xhemaili, held a working meeting with the state secretary in the Ministry of Social Policy, Demography and Youth, Fatmir Sabriu.

The meeting concluded that promoting social policy initiatives along with investment incentives will create a more inclusive investment climate and make the country a more attractive destination for investors. A coordinated institutional approach will significantly improve youth employment initiatives. By leveraging the Agency’s network and expertise, they aim to identify and attract foreign companies with high potential for job creation.

Another important area of cooperation is demographic research and policy planning. By following demographic trends, the Ministry of Social Policy, Demography and Youth will provide precise information for creating strategies to attract investments targeted at regions and sectors aligned with the country’s long-term demographic goals.

The future and improved cooperation between the Agency for Foreign Investment and Export Promotion and the Ministry of Social Policy, Demography and Youth holds significant potential for the socio-economic development of the country. This collaboration will facilitate administrative processes, reduce bureaucratic obstacles, and improve conditions for starting and running businesses in the country.

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