Why North Macedonia


In spite of its small size and modest domestic market, the Republic of North Macedonia is an excellent choice to locate a business for a number of reasons:

  • Strategic geographical position at the crossroads of 2 main European transport corridors,
  • Highly-liberalized foreign trade policy and has signed various bilateral agreements that give local producers free access to the European Union and other markets, making North Macedonia a highly-competitive production and export platform,
  • Stable monetary environment with one of the lowest inflation rates in the region and a stable currency,
  • Favorable tax environment with one of the lowest corporate income tax rates in the world; in addition, North Macedonia has several Investment Zones with 10 years tax holidays for corporate profits, employment income, VAT, custom duties, and others,
  • Highly-qualified workforce and one of the most competitive labor costs in Europe,
  • Investor- friendly Government,
  • Member of NATO and EU candidate country.

FAST COMPANY REGISTRATION One-stop-shop system for company registration within 4 hours.

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