Exporting from North Macedonia

Complete procedures to export goods

Any Macedonian organization or individual has the privilege to engage with merchandise import and export. A registered trade with concerned license as per the business is must for exporting and importing of commercial products from and to North Macedonia. According to products’ nature, certain goods for import/export may be subject to authorization, licencing, and rules of quality or packaging, standardization or special formalities.

The Customs Administration operating under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of North Macedonia performs the tasks in its competence pursuant to the Law on the Customs Administration, laws regulating the import, export and transit of goods,  investigation and intelligence measures in order to prevent, detect and investigate customs offences and crimes laid down by law, collection of fines, calculation and collection or refund of import and export duties and conducting other operations laid down by law.

            The export documents required in North Macedonia depend  on the regular trade policy of the Macedonian Government, the nature of goods and special. The exporter should make sure that they collected all of the accurate export documents that are required to get the goods delivered through the port, cleared at customs, that satisfy all compliance and regulations and  then are loaded on board the predetermined carrier.

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