When deciding to export, companies need to develop export plans that will be their guides in the process of the implementation of the activities in internationalization. The most common process of planning on the export activities starts with analysis of the company itself and its capacity to export, analysis of the business environment and screening of potential export target markets as well as deciding on the ones with greatest opportunities for the exporter.

When decided on the target market, the company should choose the most appropriate entry mode and then develop suitable plans for the implementation of the marketing strategy and adoption of the elements of the marketing mix to the conditions and needs of the new markets. The most important decisions refer to the choices related to the product, distribution, promotion and pricing.

Product or service to be exported:

  • Modification of the product to the target market requirements
  • Technical and quality characteristics of the product
  • Standardization and quality control issues
  • Legal and marketing requirements on the local market
  • Packaging issues
  • Delivery times
  • Consumption habits on the new markets


  • Setting the right price for the export market taking into account all the costs, the conditions on the market, purchasing power and the demand for the product/service as well as the prices of the competition
  • Export insurance
  • Payment methods and possibilities
  • Currency issues


  • Decisions of the distribution modes
  • Decisions on the coverage of the market
  • Deciding on the type and number of intermediaries to be used
  • Buying habits
  • Distribution structure


  • Adopting the promotional strategy  to the cultural aspects and buying habits of the new markets
  • Deciding on the promotional techniques
  • Deciding on the media to be used

Please find here a brochure with guidelines for exporting.