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Invest North Macedonia

The official Government agency responsible for attracting and developing foreign investments is a full-service agency prepared to guide you throughout the decision-making process.

As an institution dedicated to making this process as beneficial and effortless as possible, we are eager to lead you through the initial inquiry phase, arrange a suitable itinerary to visit North Macedonia, and culminate with an objective evaluation of the potential success based of your project in North Macedonia in comparison to neighboring countries, on the current business climate. If your business requires finding suitable local partners, we will aid you through the process and ensure that an open exploratory dialogue can take place.

Meeting your business requirements is our primary goal. Our Aftercare program will provide assistance by mediating on your behalf with local authorities and the Government, supporting your expansion or reinvestment needs, aiding in obtaining required permits, and be at your disposal at all times to ensure the continued success of your business venture in North Macedonia. Invest North Macedonia understands the ever-changing business needs as an operation grows, and to that effect, we pledge to collaborate closely with you to facilitate that growth in North Macedonia.

Динамична агенција што работи рамо до рамо со инвеститорите

Invest North Macedonia, founded in 2005, is the governmental agency with a mission to attract foreign investments, promote exports, support investors, establish and enhance business cooperation with local suppliers.

When a potential investor wants to explore opportunities in North Macedonia, we will design a tailor-made program to show the investor what this country can offer. We work with investors from the pre-investment phase through the actual investment and beyond.

We streamline the process for each and every investor with the goal to meet all our investors’ needs and to make sure all FDI projects are successful.

Our aftercare team will provide assistance by mediating on your behalf with local authorities and the Government to support your expansion or reinvestment plans, provide assistance in obtaining required permits and be at your disposal to ensure continued success of your business venture in North Macedonia.

The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia is committed to economic growth and development in the country. To this end, measures have been created to support the economy, whose main purpose is to stimulate investment, technological development and increase the competitiveness of Macedonian companies.

The Law on Financial Support to Investments regulates the types, amount, conditions, manner and procedure for granting financial support to investments of business entities that will invest in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Деловна соработка

Our mission is to encourage and support new foreign direct investments to the country, establish and enhance business cooperation with local suppliers and promote the export potential of local companies to foreign markets.