Invest Macedonia takes the issue of privacy very seriously, including user interactions with its website.

Invest Macedonia uses cookies on its website to enhance the overall site experience. In using cookies Invest Macedonia does not record any personal information or collect names or details of commercial transactions.

When a user provides information to Invest Macedonia through the website - such as registering online for a fair, seminar, B2B event, or registering with the Macedonian Company Directory – Invest Macedonia:

  • Does not collect any unnecessary information, nor distribute the information externally without the user's knowledge or consent, nor collect any information without the user's knowledge or consent.
  • Attempts to store information as securely as possible and does not allow access to this information by external parties unless required by law (for example, if the information is subject to a warrant or subpoena).

Any information collected is used solely by authorised Invest Macedonia staff for the purposes of:

  • Analysing the effectiveness of the website to improve its usefulness and service;
  • Checking and registering of companies for Invest Macedonia events and/or services; and/or
  • Processing a request or feedback by a user.