The agribusiness and food processing sector is traditionally one of the strongest sectors of Macedonia’s economy. The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia views its development as one of its strategic priorities, and is ready to commit substantial support for trade and investment in the sector.

The sector’s numerous competitive advantages include a unique combination of Continental and Sub-Mediterranean climates, environmentally friendly production practices, sound food processing technologies, highly qualified labor available throughout the rural areas, very good access to regional markets and a reputation for quality food products.

There are excellent opportunities for investment in fruits and vegetables - production, storage, distribution and processing industries, together with wine production and sheep and goat cheese production.


Why Invest in Agribusiness in North Macedonia?


The agriculture production and agribusiness sector are the most important economic sectors of North Macedonia. Almost 435,500 people, out of a population of 2.1 million, make whole or part of their income from agriculture activities. The great natural preconditions and an existing tradition enriched with newly developed skills create a variety of opportunities in agriculture, from high mountain pastures of over 2000m high, to the rich water valleys with a Mediterranean climate.



The agribusiness industry in North Macedonia is one of the fastest growing industries with an over 10% increase in the last three years. Adding value to the excellent quality agricultural products, as demanded by the main European markets, is one of the core Macedonian businesses. Our exporters have applied EU safety standards and have largely opened the doors to new markets.


Basis for Success

Basis for Success