The textile industry is one of the leading processing industries in the country with significant results in the formation of GDP, high absorption of labor and exports. Unlike other economic activities, entrepreneurship entrepreneurial initiatives have become more pronounced in this area, more business relations with foreign partners have been achieved, which is the basis for further development.

One of the specificities of the textile industry exports is the high production of linen production, which accounts for 93% of the production of clothing, and only 7% of the classical production. Hence, this activity is with a high degree of dependence on developments or orders for production from abroad.

According to the data for the industrial production for the 4 months of 2016 compared to the same period of 2015, in the production of textile fabrics we have increased production by 16.9%, while the production of clothing has decreased by 1.2%. In 2016, the total export of textile industry is €511.8M and participates with 12.6% of the total export of the country.

The high share of export through CMT makes the export of the newly created value in the total export in ranges from 8-10%. Out of the total number of employees in the industry, about 9-10% belongs to the textile industry, and about 37-40% of the total number of employees is the processing industry, which from the aspect of employment makes it a particularly important activity in the overall Macedonian economy. In absolute terms this is about 40.000 employees in textile industry.