In the past years, the export activities of companies have been steadily increasing, whereby the metal processing industry and the electrical industry realized export of 1.2Bn, while the biggest export was production of machinery and equipment, from €504.3M and production of motor vehicles from €429.6M.

According to statistics, over 80% of production is marketed in EU countries, former Yugoslav republics, Southeast Europe, the United States and other countries, and the rest of the domestic market.

European Union markets do not have major barriers to North Macedonian metal and electrical industry products, but as a major obstacle preventing some products from the metal and electrical industry from entering the EU markets is still insufficient introduction of the required standards that are required for each product.

The most common products in the export are: machines and apparatus for filtering and purifying liquids and gas, electronics for automotive industry, boards, plates, desks and cabinets, buses, parts for motor vehicles and body parts, steel structures, lattice towers and their parts, boilers, electrical conductor cables, wire products, solid fuel stoves and heating devices, accumulators and their friable cells, brakes, pumps and their parts, medical equipment, transformers, electromagnetic protection devices electric circuits, various types of machines, printed circuits and other products.

Number of active entities according to data from the Central Registry in these activities is 1264 economic entities.

North Macedonia is a favorable location for aftermarket and OEM production and production of superstructures and conversations of commercial vehicles. Companies from North Macedonia supply a range of products, such as: machined, forged, die cast and injection molded parts, tool and molds; safety, clutch and brake systems; electric components; embedded automotive software; exhaust components; production of commercial vehicles super-structures; commercial vehicle conversations; railway vehicles and components.

.The automotive sector in North Macedonia is made up of two distinct segments: 

  1. The new Tier 1 companies, which account for 86% of total industry revenue; and 
  2. The small-and-medium-sized domestic firms, who are mainly aftermarket parts producers that export to neighboring countries, EU, Russia, Turkey and South Africa.

 Key advantages North Macedonia offers in this segment include:

Proximity: At the crossroads of two major European transport corridors. Less than two-day delivery

  • Duty-free access to EU, Southeast Europe, Ukraine and Turkey
  • Costs Competitive Environment: Some of the lowest labor and utility costs within Europe.
  • Strong technical skill base: Tradition of technical applications. Large pool of ready and experienced workers and students in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and ICT, metallurgy and chemical engineering

Long-term investments in domestic companies and new foreign investments in these branches enabled the continuation of positive trends in the area of ​​production and trade with abroad. Thus, this sector increased its share in GDP at basic prices, which now stands at 4.9%, in the structure of the physical production of industrial production at the level of the industry and mining these branches participate with 21.23% in the total export of the country with 29.54%.

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