With nearly 30,000 employees in numerous established companies approximately 40% to annual exports, North Macedonia has become a key manufacturing location in Eastern Europe for first and second-tier suppliers to the automotive components industry worldwide.

The existing engineering and manufacturing tradition in North Macedonia, as well as legacy of skills, have enabled the automotive components industry to continually develop. The production of automotive components dating back from 1960’s for the Zastava car-plant, licensed under Fiat, has re-profiled and modernized today with the entry of a number of multinationals, tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers, in North Macedonia. Companies like Delphi, Adient, Lear, Johnson Matthey, Key Safety Systems, Amphenol, Kostal, Draxlmaier, Gentherm, Kemet, Van Hool, Kromberg&Schubert, Marquardt, and many others, have set up large export-oriented production facilities in the country and several have already reinvested multiple times.

North Macedonia prides itself on its educated, highly-qualified workforce available to foreign investors.

The country is particularly suitable as a location for the manufacture of high value to weight and labor-intensive products such as safety systems, electronics, mechatronics, precision-engineered and plastic products, and die-casting components.

Existing component manufacturers in North Macedonia supply to the European, Russian, Turkish and African markets, amongst others.

Companies in the Automotive components sector are: Aluminum and Zinc Foundry (Resen) for Aluminum pressure-die castings; MZT Learnica (Skopje) for Clutch parts; LTH Learnica (Ohrid) for Brake components and anti-vibration products; Urum (Skopje) for Metal parts; Sipo (Ohrid) for Seat belts and seat belts parts,; Velmaks (Ohrid) for Seat belts parts; Eurotehnika (Ohrid) for Sea belt parts; Van Hool (Skopje) for Buses&coaches; Brako (Veles) for Cargo trailers; KGL Systems (Skopje) for Vehicle body upgrade; IEV (Skopje) for Design and production of coaches; Marana Automotive (Skopje) for Design and production of commercial vehicle bodies; RDV Faber (Skopje) for Injection and blow moulding; Svemek (Skopje) for Pneumatic and hydraulic parts; HI-TECH Corporation (Skopje) for Electrical components; EIN-SOF (Skopje) for Automotive-diagnostic software; Elko-Elektromehanika (Skopje) for Electronic products; STD (Nov Dojran) for Shock absorbers for trucks and buses; MZT Oprema za vozila (Skopje) for Springs; RUEN International Technologies (Kocani) for Clutches; Izostaklo (Prilep) for Bent Tempered and laminated glass;TE-TE Plast (Skopje) for Tools and plastic components; Vesna SAP (Probistip) for Starter batteries; Miriplast (Gostivar) for Plastic parts and car accessories; Tehnoproduct (Gevgelija) for Rubber parts, hoses, metal parts; Lear (Tetovo) for Car seat covers; Delphi (Skopje) for Electronic and mechatronic components; Kostal (Struga) for Mechatronic and electronic components; Adient (Stip, Strumica) for Seat covers; Johnson Matthey (Skopje) for Exhaust catalysts; Draxlmaier (Kavadarci) for Wirings, harness and electrical management systems; Kemet (Skopje) for Capacitors; Key Safety Systems (Kicevo) for Airbag cushions and modules; Amphenol (Kocani) for Interconnect products; Gentherm (Prilep) for Seat and steering wheel heaters and seat climate technologies; Marquardt (Veles) for PCB’s plastic and molded containers and final assembly; Kromberg&Schubert (Bitola) for Electric wires and cable harnesses; Vitillo (Skopje) for Armored high-pressure rubber hoses; ARC Automotive (Skopje) for Inflators for vehicle airbags; ODW Electric (Struga) for Automotive cables, solenoids and mechatronic systems; Accomplast (Prilep) for Plastic injection moulding of car parts; Coficab (Kavadarci) for Electrical cables and wires; Technical Textiles (Stip) for Insulating materials; MSA (Skopje) for Shock absorbers; Cagatay (Skopje) for Wiring harnesses and cables and Malhotra (Skopje) for Cables.

*Official data are gathered by the presentation of Free Zones called “Automotive components sector” March 19, 2018).