• Within the plan for 2020 our export promotion activities are supporting the following initial sectors:
    • Textile industry;
    • Food industry;
    • Metal industry and precise mechanics - including automotive parts; and
    • Information and communication technologies - ICT.
  • The macroeconomic indicators of the market economy analysis conducted when the export promotion function of Invest North Macedonia was implemented indicated that there are four main target sectors with export promotion potential: textiles, metal and precise mechanics, ICT and agribusiness and food-processing industry. Besides supporting the participation on international fairs, conferences and B2B events with national representations, we also organize bilateral business meetings with the support of the diplomatic and consular offices, all this in cooperation with the three national chambers of commerce, associations and clusters.
  • In addition, with regard to cooperation with non-governmental institutions, the long-term cooperation with SIPPO (Swiss export promotion program) continues, aimed at strengthening the capacities in order to more successfully represent the industries on the markets abroad.


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