On 28th of October at the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce was held an event- B2B meetings between Macedonian and Serbian companies at which participated more than 20 companies in the textile and leather industry.

The event was organized by the Agency for Foreign Investments and Export promotion of the Republic of Macedonia in cooperation with economic promoter in Serbia and the Chamber of Commerce of Macedonia and Serbia.

Serbia 29.10.2015 1

With its export orientation, the Macedonian textile industry has an important role in addressing the urgent problem of the Macedonian economy - unemployment.

The textiles, clothing and footwear is one of the most important export sectors of our country, with

- Total exports of EUR 400 million and share in industrial exports 25%

- Participation in the Macedonian GDP by 15%

- Participation in the total industrial employment of 28%;

Currently, Macedonia and Serbia are flexible manufacturers of clothing and textiles. Local companies develop production program aimed at specific market threads of international markets where demand is characterized by a preference for small batches clothing with a complex design. At the same time, Macedonian and Serbian companies are directed more towards the middle and high price segment of the European textile market. One of the main advantages that will continue to be exploited is the ability for rapid delivery of small batches to the European market.

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Long term goal of the Macedonian and Serbian companies should be a strategic partnership to textile companies for joint participation in international markets, mutually product development and brand and sales in Macedonian and Serbian finished products to the neighboring market - fashion clothing brands with a higher percentage value added.