Ukraine's company Energia Ltd which makes water treatment equipments with innovative technologies  signed a deal to invest 18 million U. S. dollars to build a plant in Macedonia. Energia chose to relocate its Kiev plant to Macedonia and will shut down the old one as soon as Macedonian one is built up.The company aims to market its products throughout Europe, Energia general manager Andrey Konashkov said after signing the agreement with Macedonian director of the Directorate for Industrial Zones Viktor Mizo and Kliment Shekerovski, the deputy director of the Macedonian Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion.The construction of Energia's plant occupying 8 hectares will start from next April in the Skopje 2 industrial zone.The total volume of annual production is expected to reach 20 million euros (26.4 million U. S. dollars) once it has been completed and all the products are exclusively for export.