On 08.09.2014, the Deputy CEO of ASIPIRM, Shekerovski Klement met with the company "Sumgait Technology Park" as part of the visit of the high-rank delegation of the Government of Azerbaijan. During the meeting, Deputy CEO Shekerovski toured the production plants with the copmpany management and discussed possibilities of expanding this great company in one of the FEZs in Macedonia.

The company is composed of  sixteen factories that are located within a technology park. In each of the sixteen factories a different product is produced: electrical cables, electronic counters, ATMs, steel profiles, aluminum panels, galvanized elements, polymer pipes, ventilation systems, cranes, cars, solar panels and more. The company employs more than 5,000 people and its products are successfully placed on the market in Russia and other countries of the region. In the near future they plan to build several new factories in Europe.