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The latest preparations for the Metallurgy Fair Hannover Messe will take place in Germany in April 2020.

Local Albanian companies from RNM will participate for the first time:

  • Shpendi Dooel - Tetovo
  • Metaleks Dooel - Tetovo
  • Univerzal Er-Er - Gostivar



The CEO of Invest North Macedonia - Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion of the Republic of North Macedonia Mr. Arben Vila hosted a visit of a delegation from Albania headed by the Italian investor Mr. Nunzio Guiseppe Siragusa.

19.02.2020 1

They met with representatives of the Technological Industrial Development Zone in Tetovo. The renowned company Maximum International Corp is a leader in the sector of water treatment systems and filtration plants. The new company with Italian and Portuguese capital will produce water filtration systems and will be the first company of this type in the Balkans. 

19.02.2020 2

Mr. Arben Vila, the CEO of Invest North Macedonia - Agency for Foreign investments and Export Promotion, State Advisor Dijana Toska and other members of the team, last week welcomed the Black Swan Innovations AS Group, led by the global President Mr. Sami Sadiki having a meeting on the subject: implementation of #NEEBSE-Skopje 2020. The meeting presented an opportunity for the BSI-AS Team to introduce the #NEEBSE-Skopje 2020 project to the leadership of the Agency in detail.


In turn, Mr. Vila, as head of the Agency, complimented the BSi Team on the timely initiative and expressed their readiness, commitment, and support to the successful implementation of the event and he identified various opportunities for investors in North Macedonia, finding ways to promote viable export goods and technologies between the host country and Nigeria.