Johnson Matthey is a leader in sustainable technologies; many of the group’s products enhance the quality of life of millions through their beneficial impact on the environment, human health and wellbeing.

They focus on clean air, clean energy and low carbon technologies and are experts in the application and recycling of precious metals. Their principal activities are:

  • Manufacturing auto catalysts, heavy duty diesel catalysts and pollution control systems
  • Providing catalysts and components for fuel cells
  • Supplying catalysts and technologies for chemical processes
  • Producing fine chemicals, chemical catalysts and active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Marketing, refining and fabricating precious metals.

Johnson Matthey has operations in over 30 countries and employs around 11,000 people. Their products and services are sold across the world to a wide range of advanced technology industries.

Johnson Matthey chose Macedonia for its European mega-factory for emission control catalysts in competition with 13 other countries including the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia. Johnson Matthey’s plant in the TID Zone Skopje 1 is the single largest investment project and the most sophisticated and advanced Johnson Matthey’s plant in the world. The investment is worth EUR 80 million and the number of employees at the moment is over 400.

On May 9, 2012 Johnson Matthey marked a major expansion project in Macedonia with the construction of a second plant located in the Technological Industrial Development Zone Skopje 1.  This investment worth EUR 60 million which is set to double the production and will result in the creation of more than 100 jobs was conducted in 2013. This project is being undertaken in response to the rapidly growing demand for more sophisticated, complex catalysts to meet the tightening European legislation for emission control coming into force over the next few years. This legislation covers both light and heavy duty vehicles as well as non-road applications such as construction and agricultural equipment.